About Us

The Tabernacle


Greater Christian Tabernacle Church was established in 1993, under the vision of Reverend M.A. Outland, Sr. The focus of “The Tabernacle” has always been a simple mission of “Saving the World One Soul at a Time”.  Although the fact remains that we cannot save everyone, the willingness and desire to reach as many as possible, is the drive within the body. Though we have faced many challenges the knowledge of the work that is required has been an anchor throughout every raging storm. Knowing and believing in a living, forgiving and loving God allows us to grow from where we are to where God desires us to be. Being a part of ‘The Tabernacle” is more than just being another number; it's being part of the family and body of Christ.


Meet Team Tabernacle

With the strong belief that there are many members but one body, we try diligently to work as a team, in every aspect and way. Our leadership is no different. We have a superb team that work earnestly to keep The Tabernacle motivated on God's work.


Reverend Jonnell Majors

Assistant Pastor

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Evangelist Shirley Bush

Ministerial Staff


Sister Chellani Outland

Youth Director


Minister Sharon Williams

Ministerial Staff

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Superintendent Willie Echols

Brotherhood Chairman

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Sister Joyce Ervin

Usher Board President